Pioneer Log Siding Samples

Pioneer Log Siding is CUSTOM HANDCRAFTED in the true Frontier tradition to simulate historic square logs when installed. We DO NOT factory fabricate our siding with milling machines or concrete molds. Each piece of wood is uniquely different from the next.
No two boards will ever look alike.
Since we are using Stain and not Paint the color of the boards are influenced by the
original color of the raw wood which varies from board to board.

Pioneer Log Siding Examples

Notice how different these 4 boards appear and yet they've all been crafted from Doug Fir, Kiln Dry Wood, then Age-Stained in the same Charwood Transparent tone. Not one board will ever match the next as the color always depends on the tree it was cut from, a true pioneer look.

Six Stain Tones available

Charwood is our most popular for its historic appearance over time.

Click on a Stain Sample to see a Larger Image.

To Order Samples

Pioneer Log Siding offers (2) large (12” x 24”) samples.
The shipping is $28.00. Choose your colors and send a check to
Pioneer Log Siding PO Box 174 Rifle, Colorado 81650
Mention Interior or exterior siding.

A few words about shrinkage Moisture and Shrinkage

My objective is to craft every piece of pioneer log siding differently, in order to create
the true and natural historic look of the old frontier.