Look Again!  This Log Wall is a Siding!

Hand Hewn Pioneer Log Siding

"Heavy Strong & Country Beautiful"

Pioneer log siding is hand-hewn distressed, axed, sculpted,
sawed, sanded then age-stained to appear over 150 years old.
Architects - Homeowners - Builders - Contractors

Pioneer Log Siding is the real Frontier McCoy!

Pioneer Log Siding Products

"Heavy Strong & Country Beautiful"

Pioneer Log Siding Features

  • Hand Crafted using Kiln-Dried Doug Fir boards.
  • Sold in 16’ foot lengths, longer on request.
  • R-Value, very good once the siding is chinked.
  • Installation, 2 workers instead of a crew.
  • To maintain a Pioneer look, no up-keep for decades.

Pioneer Log Siding is a suppler only. Architects and Builders will help with your material take-off.

Order 3-5 months ahead during your Planning Stages ... more info

Hand-crafting is a rough, time consuming job working one board at a time.
Orders are processed on a first come first served basis then added to our production schedule.
Please order EARLY during planning to make your installation Date.
Orders can take up to 3-5 months depending on your order size.

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CONTACT US:   pioneersiding@yahoo.com   •   360-544-8338

T. Triplette NC Feb 20 2018 Medium Completed March 2018
H. Zeigler SC Mar 07 2018 Large Completed April 2018
M.G. Pavelchik ID Mar 18 2018 Large Underway May-June 2018
G. Wysocki CO Mar 23 2018 Medium Official Order June 2018
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Placement Deposit versus Official Order... more info

Placement Deposit

Means your order is placed on our “Production Chart” for 30 days, enough time to fill out
your Official Order & Deposit. If after 30 days more time is needed, your Placement Order
remains but, behind the customer next in line.

Official Order

It means you’ve “Officially” filled out your “Order Form” and wire transferred
your 50% deposit to Pioneer Log Siding. At that time you are “Officially Placed” on
our “Production Chart” next in line permanently.


Pioneer Log Siding is sold Nationwide and Canada.

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